The Nationals” return to NSW in 2024, heralding the highly anticipated revival of the Australian Dressage Championships after a hiatus necessitated by the pandemic. As the pinnacle event in the realm of dressage, it stands singular amidst a myriad of competitions throughout the year.

Set against the backdrop of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre from 17th to 20th October 2024, this prestigious championship epitomizes excellence, drawing the finest horse-and-rider pairs from across Australia. Each participant’s journey, a testament to a year’s worth of unwavering dedication and tireless training, converges here for four days of electrifying competition.

From Novice to Grand Prix levels, spanning both horses and ponies, and inclusive of Para Dressage competitions, the event embodies inclusivity and excellence. A distinguished panel of over 30 judges, representing diverse regions of Australia, will preside over the competition, ensuring fairness and accuracy in evaluation.

Sponsorship opportunities, vital for the event’s success and sustainability, are extended to businesses and enthusiasts alike. Whether through sponsoring a competition or offering other forms of support, each contribution plays an indispensable role in shaping the championship’s legacy.

Trade stands, serving as vibrant hubs of activity, offer businesses a unique platform to engage with a captive audience of equestrian aficionados. Premier sites are reserved for sponsors, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for visibility and brand engagement.

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