Entry qualification requirements for 2021


Conditions of entry and the schedule will be available by middle of June 2021.  Entries will open on Nominate mid August.

The closing date for entries – 1 September 2021.


  • Performance Eligibility All entries for EA competitions (rule EA 10.2), including pony classes must be qualified by having gained at least the following performance in an Official Competitive competition at the level entering during the 12-month period preceding the closing date.
  • Novice one performance of at least 68%
  • Elementary; one performance of at least 65%
  • Medium/Advanced one performance of at least 62% at each level
  • FEI PSG & Int. I one performance of at least 62% at each respective level (e.g. PSG results needed for PSG, Int I for entry in Int I)
  • FEI Inter A or B: one performance of at least 60%in an official Inter A or B competition
  • Intermediate II & CDN Grand Prix at leastone performance of at least 60% at each level (e.g. Int II for entry in Int II).
    Note: Grand Prix Special & Freestyle results do not count as qualifying results for the Grand Prix. (10.18.3 a)
  • FEI YR  At least one performance of at least 60% at PSG or FEI Team or Individual test (CDI-Y) level. (10.18.3 c)
  • FEI -U25 At least two performances of 60% in Inter. A or Inter. B or Inter II or Grand Prix (10.18.3 b)
  • All combinations should submit their best three performances in an OfficialT est at the appropriate level, in the 12-month period preceding the closing date for entries, from 31 August 2020 to 1 September 2021
  • Eventing, Official Participation, Restricted, Freestyle, Young Horse results are not considered.
  • Only one HC(Hors Concours) score is permitted to count as a qualifying score at each level entered, rule (10.2).
  • At least one qualifying score MUST have been obtained by the nominated horse/rider combination (rule 10.2).
  • Only one score from a competition with one judge to be accepted per combination (rule 10.2).

Ranking (balloting) will be based on the average of the highest percentages of three tests at the particular level, in the 12 months before the close of entries. Riders who submit 3 performances, (only one of which may be HC (Hors Concours) will be considered ahead of those who submit one or two performances.  In exceptional circumstances, consideration may be given for a horse that has two high qualifying scores to be ranked above horses with three lower scores on approval of the EADC.


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