EA 2019 Advanced Freestyle


The EADC has recently become aware of a contradiction in the test sheet for the Advanced Freestyle (1/1/19) and the directives for Freestyles in the current Rule Book (Section 8).  Movement 12 on the Advanced Freestyle test sheet reads:

Flying changes of lead every 4thand/or 3rdstride – minimum 3 times consecutively.

Whilst Table 8.12 in Section 8 showing ‘Examples of movements of a higher level deliberately shown’ was amended to reflect the test directives, Rule 8.6.1 (d) was not at the same time changed.

Clearly this was an oversight for which we take responsibility and apologise sincerely for any confusion this has caused amongst riders and/or officials.

With our riders in preparation for the Australian Dressage Championships, we wish to make urgent clarification that the intent of the change was to give riders a opening to increase the ‘degree of difficulty’ in their freestyle choreography – and to be rewarded accordingly.

As the Table 8.12 clearly outlines what movements are and are not acceptable in Freestyle across the levels, Rule 8.6.1 is in fact redundant and is removed accordingly.

Prue Spurrett (EADC Chairperson)